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good morning arctic adventures,
     just a quick email to say thank you for all your help in making my trip to iceland a great success.
you have a spectacular country and my visit was excellent. Please pass my thanks to all who helped organise it and made my stay so enjoyable. Please pass a special thanks to my guide, bryndés who's smiles and great cooking got me through the trek. please tell her she can visit her favourite scotsman anytime, there will always be a whisky ready for her. Many thanks and i'll see you on my next visit.
From Jim - July 2012
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My husband and I took our honeymoon in Iceland at the end of May while there we did several combo trips - snowmobiling and white water rafting/glacier trek and ice climbing/ superjeep golden circle and snorkelling in Silfra. All of which were brilliant. Arctic adventures really do have the travellers experience at the forefront and with enthusiastic and knowledgable guides our trip was simply amazing. I would highly recommend using this company as we booked all of our trips from the comfort of our own home in UK before going and all went without a hitch. Arctic adventure have given us some amazing experiences and memories.

From Rebecca - June 2012

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Thanks for the great glacier hike Alli and Gulli! Great fun, beautiful ice formations and awesome sandwiches!

From Green ICEland - June 2012

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Dear Torfi

We have just returned from a wonderful trip to Iceland where my two teenage sons and I thoroughly enjoyed the 5 day "Fire Island Exploration" plus an extra day glacier hiking/ice climbing. We would like to thank Rowan and Simmi on the kayaking day; Andry and Sara on the caving/snorkelling day; Mio on the glacier hiking day; Nico and Lama on the rafting day; but most particularly Gulli who accompanied us on three of the days. They all made the holiday an absolute treat for the three of us.

Their enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and love of Iceland made it all such fun, whilst their depth of knowledge also made it highly educational (without the boys quite realising!). I was impressed by their level of training and sensible approach to risk-taking - an excellent example to the boys of how to experience excitement and thrills safely. Even the minibus driving was good with no-one feeling sick!

Each activity was exactly as it had been described on your website. The only variation was an occasional change in the pick-up time from our apartment but otherwise all the arrangements went smoothly. The staff in the office were very helpful and flexible.

Thank you for a marvellous holiday - I am recommending Arctic Adventures to all my friends.

Best wishes
Mary - June 2012

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[Hot Springs Hunt] was amazing! The guide was very friendly and informative. He took us to a lot of where the hot steam pits were, but the best part was bathing in a stream where 2 streams met, a hot stream and a cold stream from the melting ice. It was soooo nice! It was just us and nature!

From k-element - June 2012




Sæl Kristbjörg,

langar að þakka kærlega fyrir mig í ferðinni í gær! Skemmti mér svo innilega vel og er mjög ánægð!

Kær kveðja,

Dana - June 2012

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Just a note of thanks to you for arranging a very informative and comfortable excursion made more so by having Gulli Disko as our guide. He really made sure that we saw all that was to see in a short time . He is a very caring considerate knowledgable guide.
I will recommend your company with no hesitation to my friends who will arrive in the fall.

Best regards

Steve & Martha - June 2012

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Hi Dori, thanks so much for the awesome tours you gave on Thursday (snorkeling/caving) and Friday (glacier hiking). I took a closer look at the pictures you took and they are very good, you definitely have to get a working camera (preferably one that doesn't come with milk) to make sure your talent doesn't go unused!

From Sam - June 2012

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„ Not your typical walking tour and it was fun. Oskar, our guide, was very knowledgeable about Sólheimajökull's history and its current state of retreat due to global climate changes. Also, his guidance on how to traverse slopes and uneven terrain on crampons were helpful. Not to mention the ice climbing exercise. The view of the glacier itself was memorable, since it was recently covered in ash from the 2010 eruption. All in all, this tour is worth it. Thanks.“

Bestu kveðjur,

Gurry - May 2012

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My husband and i have just got back from a week in Iceland while there we did several combo trips - snowmobiling and white water rafting/glacier trek and ice climbing/ superjeep golden circle and snorkelling in Silfra. All of which were brilliant. Arctic adventures really do have the travellers experience at the forefront and with enthusiastic and knowledgable guides our trip was simply amazing. I would highly recommend using this company as we booked all of our trips from the comfort of our own home in UK before going and all went without a hitch. Arctic adventure have given us some amazing experiences and memories.

From Beevoring - May 2012




A big group of my friends went to Iceland for a bachelor party and I took it upon myself to plan two trips for us to get outside Reykjavik to see what iceland had to offer. Arctic Adventures was recommended by a friend as a great company to use for our trips and they delivered an awesome experience. Without going into boring details, we planned the trips ahead of time via email and the staff was incredibly patient in working with our large group to accomodate our preferred trips and dates to go out. Not only did they work around our fickle needs and requirments, they did so pleasantly. And to top it off, they were just as friendly in person as they were on the phone and on email. As for the trips themselves, the snorkeling trip into the glacial waters was a really cool experience that you can't do anywhere else. The guides were great and easy to work with. We also did the golden circle trip plus the added snowmobile across a glacier. The only thing I would've changed was the weather as we were going 40+ mph through icy snow with very bad visability. Of course, this was out of their control and even so, we had an awesome time throughout that trip.
Needless to say, I highly recommend using Arctic Adventures for your day tours from Reykjavik. Thanks from the Goldstein crew!

From Triotic - May 2012

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Thank you Alli and Gulli for the super glacier hike!

From Christina - May 2012

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My husband and I went on the Full Throttle adventure today and we had a blast!!!

From Diana - May 2012

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The two-hour drive to Sólheimajökull (don’t ask me how to pronounce it) Glacier on the southern coast of Iceland gave us an opportunity to see the true beauty of the Icelandic landscape— greener than the ride from the airport. We arrived, got our crampons and ice axes, and were on our way. Sólheimajökull is a small glacier, and although a larger glacier feeds into it, it’s receding at a rapid rate (150m last year). Receding glaciers leave behind an unsorted mixture of rocks and boulders that have been picked up along the way, creating a surreal sight— a barren wasteland you’d expect to see on the moon. Sólheimajökull is covered in patches of ash from a nearby volcano, so it may not be the most picturesque glacier— it looks a bit more like snow the day after a snow storm, when it’s been plowed, trampled on, and driven over, but nonetheless, it’s an impressive site! Hikers touring with Arctic Adventures have the opportunity to rappel down into a crevasse and climb out with ice axes. I have a fear of heights. However, I knew if I didn’t do this, I would regret it for a long time. So, I leaned back, didn’t look down, and trusted the rope and our guides. I climbed my way back out so fast that I barely registered what I was doing— the power of nervous adrenaline!

On our way back to Reykjavik, we stopped at Skógafoss Waterfall. This 60 meter (about 200 feet) waterfall is incredible! The force from the water hitting the riverbed below is enough to stop you in your tracks and knock you backwards— nature’s strength at its best and most beautiful.

This is one of the "must-do" tours in Iceland!

From thetattooedtraveler - April 2012




I went on a 5-day Winter Island Exploration trip with Arctic Adventures together with my gf. From start to end, the trip has been fabulous.
Booking and admin: I was recommended by a friend and asked many questions thru email before deciding on the tours I wanted to do. They were always quick to respond and never got annoyed with my many questions. The ISIC also provides a 10% discount. :)
Transport: They pick us up and send us back to our hostel every day of the trip. No need to meet at some common meeting point.
Guides: IMO, this is where this company stands out.
1) Our guide for the snorkelling trip (on thursday), Tinna, was patient with me when I changed the trip to the Blue Lagoon from that same day to sunday. I made the request to change it as I was unaware of the shop closures due to Easter holidays on sunday. Frankly, it was so last minute that I had expected her to say no, but she made a few calls and everything was okay!
2) Our guide for the golden circle + caving, Gilli, is very experienced. It was very cloudy and rainy in the morning, and he decided to change the caving to the morning (instead of doing the golden circle then). He had expected the clouds to clear (at least a little) in the afternoon. He was right! So we had a much better time around the golden circle (and it did not matter that it was raining when we were inside the cave). He was also very passionate about explaining the features of the golden circle with us. He gave photography tips for the sightseeing too!
3) We had Dori and Oskar for the glacier hiking and ice climbing. They were very enthusiastic about the glacier hiking and gave very clear instructions about using the equipment and safety. As we hiked up the glacier, they were always keen to explain features of the glacier and how they were formed. They knew their stuff; they could answer all our questions about the glaciers and the weather.
I would like to make a special mention to Dori and Oskar for the extra mile they went. My gf had lost her mittens, likely in the van for the previous day's trip. We had called up the office earlier in the day, but there was no good news. We spoke to Dori and Oskar during the trip, and they personally went to check after the long day at the glacier. Thankfully, they found it, and returned them to our hostel without delay. Kudos to the two of you!

Overall, a wondeful experience travelling in small groups (rather than large coaches). And it was all made sweeter with great guides! Good job Arctic Adventures! :)

From Sheep - April 2012




I decided to go to Iceland due to a tv programme i had seen and did not regret my decision. I wanted to maximise the time i was spending on holiday so went through some web sites until i found the arctic adventures website. The page is very detailed and has some pictures of what to expect.
Due to travelling alone in Jan 2012 i was unable to book the winter action tour (4 days activities) as most companies they require a minimum of 2 or 4 on off peak. I emailed and phoned the company with regards to my bookings and was added onto tours that were roughly around what i had requested but were guaranteed to be going. The numerous staff i spoke to about my requests could not of been more helpful.

On arrival to Iceland i walked down the high street and found the shop which is very well situated and open to late. Off subject of tours the staff advised me of local bars/restaurants to try on my visit which i did and found brilliant.

Each tour picked me up from my hotel reception on time and dropped me back either at my hotel or in town if requested. One tour guide went above and beyond my expectations called Þorgils Gunnarsson (gilli) but all tour guides were very helpful and knowledgable.

The tours i completed were :
Blue ice - a glacier hike & ice climb with also a brief stop at Skógafoss waterfall. Unfortunately the ice was unsafe to climb but the views were amazing.

Into the blue - snorkling in Silfra's in the national park. The water is crystal clear and can see around 100 m. Took some great pictures of swimming between the two tectonic plates. A nice cup of hot chocolate was waiting to warm up after.

Golden glacier ride - due to a very large winter storm we tourists to complete the tour this day as the company has some great 4x4's. Other tourist companies were turning back. The day eased and we saw gullfoss waterfall which is breath taking, geysirs and then a snow mobile ride. Very pretty scenery but a long day out.

The northern lights hunt - this was caving followed by a stunning meal in a remote village. The menu said lobster but i informed the company before hand and was given further dinner choices. We then went on a northern lights tour with Gilli. We were due to be back at midnight but did not get back to 2am as the sky was amazing. Gilli also sent me some pictures that he had taken that night and was very helpful with setting up my camera to get the best pictures possible.

Blue lagoon : a great place to unwind and organised transport from the hotel and back.

Unfortunately i could not book an ATV tour with Arctic adventures however the shop called around on my behalf and booked me with an external company for the following day.

Due to booking more than 3 activities with Arctic adventures i was also given at the time a 10% discount.

The holiday was the best i have ever been on and have not stopped speaking about since returning home. All those i had met on tours also have said the same. I have some amazing memories to cherish and stunning photo's to make all my friend envious. I will be going back to complete the summer activities and of course will be booking with Arctic adventures again.

From Garreth - April 2012




I just got back from my trip to Iceland and can't say enough about Artic Adventures. I went on the Blue Ice Tour. It was amazing! The guides were fun, very educated about the Glacier and took their job very seriously. The day trip to the Glacier and Ice Climbing was the highlight of my trip to Iceland. I Highly Recommend Artic Adventures to anyone visiting this fantastic country!

From TravelandLeisure - March 2012




We explored our week in Iceland with the Fire Island 5 day tour. It really was an amazing if not exhausting week!

We began with a morning of Sea Kayaking which was absolutely serene, however I felt it the next day in my arms for sure! The afternoon was much more relaxing with whale watching in which we spotted some 'minkys' much to the excitement of the captain. It was pretty cold so do wrap up, my partner managed to borrow a one-piece suit the crew wear which kept him toastie.

This was followed by a morning of snorkelling in the 2C water coming from a glacier - don't worry you get a 'dry suit' - unfortunately mine leaked at the right foot so that was pretty cold a wet but bearable while we swam a circuit in these amazingly clear waters.

In the afternoon we adorned our hard hats (luckily for me) as we went lava caving, this was really beautiful seeing the carved out tunnels moulded by lava. Unfortunately we didn't take out camera thinking it would be too dark - if you do go, please take your camera! You'll end up with some great photos.

On Wednesday we went on a 'hot spring hike' - not a difficult walk by any means, fairly gentle and suitable for all ages. The bubbling springs, smelly sulphur splurging out and steam rising really is unforgettable. I felt like I was in a Lord of the Rings movie! The paddle in the beautifully warm water was absolutely lovely while chatting away to your fellow travelers and guides.

In the afternoon we went horse riding on the famous Icelandic ponies which have 5 different gaits (as opposed to 4 like other horses). This was great for myself who had ridden before and for my partner who was a complete novice. The groups were separated a couple of times so the more experienced group could canter on ahead. Unfortunately for me, my pony was rather lazy and did need a 'kick up the backside' to get going (a riding crop may have been helpful).

Our second last day was spent at the Blue Lagoon, 6 hours getting wrinkly in the water! I think we would have gone back again if we'd had time. The only word to really describe it is 'bliss' and a must-do for everyone that comes to Iceland. It's essentially an independently heated (by mother earth) outdoor pool with an amazing blue colour. You have to try slathering yourself in the silica mud that is dotted around the edges - good for the skin apparently but makes for some funny photos!

Our last adventure day was no disappointment as we went white water rafting down Hvítá River in the morning which was wild and exciting and during the tamer parts of the river we played some games, most of which left one of us on the wet side of the raft! We also did a cliff jump, with the choice of a 2m or 5m fall - we obviously chose the higher one! It doesn't sound that high until your staring it down!

In the afternoon we finished with the famous Golden Circle. This is where we experienced the biggest geyser in Iceland which shoots up 30 feet in the air every 7 mins and walked along the noisy Gulfoss waterfall (golden waterfall) of which there are two. We explored Þingvellir national park and learnt about the fascinating history of days when men representing all corners of Iceland gathered for 2 weeks of the year to discuss matters of business and laws - before they could even write (one man was charged with the responsibility of remembering all the laws)!

Overall it was busy but absolutely fantastic and breath-taking 5 days. The full schedule may leave you exhausted but there are plenty of 'lighter' days to make up for it and I think it really gives you the best view of Iceland in the shortest amount of time. The only other think I would have liked to have done is glacier hiking - next time!

From AtomicCityGirl - March 2012




We went on a Lava Caving excursion with Arctic Adventures and it was a truly amazing experience. Our group was small - only 4 of us - and it really allowed you to get to know the group. Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised that we were the only group in the cave and weren't bumping into other tour groups and we could explore the cave at our own pace Our guide, Gulli, was not only knowledgeable, but very personable and friendly as well. He let us decide whether we wanted to try out the harder part of the cave or not, rather than forcing people to do things they may or may not be comfortable with. I would absolutely book another trip with this company, and would recommend that everyone take the Caving tour, and request Gulli as their guide!


From Kristen - March 2012




Our day tour was delayed by a blow out but then we were off to Sólheimajökull for our walk.

My clothing for the day had been carefully planned out as I feel the cold, so I was fitted out with: thermal vest and leggings, thin fleece, trackie bottoms, thick fleece, waterproof trousers, waterproof outer jacket... then socks, waterproof socks, leather walking boots, fleece hat and thermal waterproof gloves. This turned out to be just right for the glacier.

When we arrived at the car park facing the glacier we were then fitted out with a harness, helmet, crampons and ice picks. The crampons only took a short while to get used to, taking on a more 'John Wayne' walk and we set out on to the glacier. After the initial hail flurry that attacked us, the weather was generally fine and we could see a good stretch uncovered by cloud.

Next we tried our hands at ice-climbing, with my volunteering to go first. Armed with two picks and my trust crampons (and thankfully a sturdy rope secured and held by our guide Ingó.) I took my first swing. It was easier than I expected to get a good hold with the picks, the difficulties lay in getting a decent footing, but fairly quickly I was up near where the rope was tethered and it was time to lean back and walk back down the ice face.

We each had a turn and then took a further walk on the glacier before turning back to the bus for a very welcome sandwich and drink.

Ingó was a great guide, giving us information along the drive about the volcanic eruptions, introducing us to a little Icelandic music and making sure we were safe on the glacier. He also made sure we had some great chocolate cookies while we were up there!

Do not forget your camera!

 From Bangarara -  November 2011




These guys were amazing! All the guides were fantastic. FB friends you have not lived until you have experienced Iceland with Arctic Adventures. Awesome, beautiful country & people. Love their zest for life!





We signed up the Blue ice glacier hike day tour. The drive to the glacier was less than 2 hours, but it didn't feel like a long ride as our tour guide, Dori, always kept us entertained by pointing out the volcanos, mountains, waterfalls, and telling interesting stories. When we were walking on the glacier, he went into very details explaining different ice formations. My favorite part of the tour was the ice climbing! Dori went through the technique in great detail and ensured everyone's safety.

Overall the glacier hike was an amazing experience but it was Dori who made it even more memorable. On our ride back to the city, we asked Dori the local life in Iceland and he is very knowledgable about everything, every topic. There was no dull moment with his Icelandic jokes. Next time, we will come back and sign up the rafting trip!


From Amy - February 2012




We took two tours with this company and both were fantastic. Our first tour was the “Northern Lights Hunt.” Ingo, our guide, was wonderful. He was very patient with the cave tour and even dug steps in the snow to help my friend get into the cave. The lobster tails were very tasty and we each ended up with six tails. We were unsuccessful with the Northern Lights but it was not due to lack of effort. Ingo drove all over the south coast and even into Pingvellir looking for the Northern Lights. Our next tour was the “Blue Ice” tour lead by Robert. He explained the geology and how to use the equipment. The climb and the hike was fun. Climbing is obviously more difficult than hiking but there was no pressure to climb. I would recommend both of these tours to anyone looking to have fun!
From Angie - February 2012
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I went snorkling in Silfra this summer, and it was without any doubt the best experience I've had in my life! I had Alli as a guide and he was amazing and a great guide! I'll be back next year, so I hope to see you again Alli. ;) Photos from the trip is on my Fb-page. :) Thank you all for a wonderfull adventure!   




We did two day trips with Artic Adevntures. First we did the snorkeling at Silfra with Palli and he was so cheerful, friendly, professional and fun. He really looked after us and made it into a great experience with his knowledge and good humor. Next we went on the glacier hike with ice climbing with Dóri Smiður and Laurent. Both of them were brilliant. Laurent had so much knowledge of the glaciers and rock and ice formations it was fascinating. He was happy to chat about all of the mountains and volcanoes, ice and the sea. He really had amazing knowledge and could answer every question. Dóri was fantastic. He drove for hours good natured and always smiling! He was very careful to make sure that we were always safe on the glacier and was very encouraging and thorough with everybody who was doing the ice climbing, even the nervous ones. Together these two guides were a great team and we had a lot of fun! These are really good quality tours. We are now back in England and missing Iceland!

From Taylor - January 2012




We had the opportunity to do the golden circle with quad biking. What an amazing time the guide was so knowledgeable and excellent. We also did that evening the hunt for the Northern Lights, hats off tour guide who knew where to find them What an amazing experience. After doing caving and then a lobster feast to finish it off with the Northern Lights was incredible. Our guide was amazing. This company is so much better than the larger bus tours if you want personalised service then this is for you. We were a group of 3 and it was so nice to have a small group.

From DucGirl - January 2012

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Went on the Blue Ice tour with these guys on Saturday, our fantastic guide was Ingó. It was a brilliant day with amazing views, a spot of ice-climbing and some great chocolate cookies!

From, Vicky



We were only in Iceland for a few days and there was quite a snowstorm in the forecast, so we signed up for the underworld cave tour thinking that since it was underground, the weather wouldn't affect it. We forgot to factor in that the roads and the entrance to the cave might be covered with snow! But that didn't stop our fearless guide, Dori, from picking us up in a 4 wheel drive with the biggest tires I've ever seen, forging a trail over the snow-covered roads, and recruiting 4 other guides to dig out the entrance to the cave. They dug for an hour and a half before we got in! The cave was interesting and the guides were good storytellers. Afterward Dori even had hot chocolate for us. We were very impressed with their hard work and good humor in difficult conditions.

From Thirly - January 2012

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I went with Arctic Adventures on a Glacier Hiking trip and River Rafting and I was more than happy with both trips ! Good organization, nice staff and guides combined with these beautiful landscapes made these two days just unforgettable. Remember to bring good shoes and also gloves for the glacier hiking, so it's more comfortable to try also your hands on Ice Climbing. And make sure you take the jump from the cliff during the rafting trip, when the opportunity is there :)

From Anja - January 2012




Golden Circle Tour and Snow Mobiling was brilliant!! Thanks x

From Tracy - January 2012

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I was on Golden circle trip, and mountain hiking to Hot srings and ATV riding, lava caving! These were sooo amazing! The organization was perfect! The guides gave a lots of information and attention for us! They were all good, safety driver and very nice friendly people! Good walking or hiking shoes are necessary, the best is waterproof! Don't forget to take camera! We stoped everywhere where from we could take nice pics!The best are wool underwear and wool socks, waterproof trousers, ...etc.

From Kira - December 2011




The glacier tour and ice climbing was the most expensive excursion we did, but well worth every penny. The guides really look after you and they take safety really seriously. Walking on the glacier with crampons was amazing and the ice climbing just made it that bit more memorable.

Easily our best memory of Iceland!




I just returned from Iceland.  For our last full day, my mom and I went on the Golden Circle Super Jeep Safari.  There were so many cool parts of our trip to Iceland that it was hard to pick a favorite until our Golden Circle safari.  The day surpassed my expectations and easily became my favorite part of the vacation!

Earlier on our trip, we had gone on a tour with a different company.  I wish we had instead booked a second tour with Arctic Adventures – by far a better experience and a real adventure.  Palli was an awesome guide!!  He was on time to pick us up, gave us plenty of time at all of the stops, shared interesting information about each stop and about Iceland in general.

The sights of the Golden Circle are incredible themselves, but the little/more personal things about the day made all the difference….I will never forget driving through the icy river (again and again), getting stuck and pulled out of the snow, and seeing the Icelandic horses up close and personal.   I feel like we truly had a personalized tour through the Golden Circle.

This was a great way for my mom and I to end our trip to Iceland.  Thank you so much to Palli for the awesome memories!!  I highly recommend Arctic Adventures to anyone traveling to Iceland!

Bridgett –  November 2011



Hi Sólveig,

I just wanted to write a quick note thanking you for an amazing exeperience. My sister and I went on the "Black and Blue" tour with Alli Sleggja and Dóri Smiður last week- it was one of the best things we did the entire time in Iceland. Though the trip was windy and cold Alli and D óri were great. We did a bunch of other tours really wished that we'd just booked through Adventures rather than the other companies... It's hard to be on a big tour bus with a droning guide after just 9 people in a van and two awesome guys leading us around. I'd be very grateful if you could pass along my thanks to both of them.



Excellent service from the Arctic Adventure team whilst in Iceland. The staff kept us up to date with the trips we had booked and even called me on my mobile to advise pick up would be 30mins late due to a slight problem (most people would of just left us waiting for such a short time). If your going to Iceland and want to ensure your well looked after by a company that knows its stuff these are the guys to use. I found them randomly on the net before going (they were very helpful then via email), but having been a customer and into their offices I recommend them highly. I'll certainly use them again if I get back to Iceland.




Had a brilliant day out with these guys glacier walking and tried a bit of ice climbing, great guides really made the day good fun x




We were beyond impressed on Saturday and we all had a fabulous time on this extreme day trip. Robert, our guide, was unique. He was friendly, appreciated our "humor", professional and overall fun. He certainly made our trip that much better!
I would like to send you our deepest thank you for taking us to experience Iceland at it's best. (Snorkeling, Cave hunting, Golden Circle and super jeep ... that's a lot in a day!) We are a Tour Operator company so we do a lot of trips around Europe, but not much tops an experience like this!

Rannveig - September 2011



If you ever find yourself on holiday in Iceland, you shouldn't leave without a trip rafting on the East Glacial River. Throughout my whole week in Iceland this was by far the best experience of the holiday and one of the best of any holidays I've ever had, excitement, adrenaline and fun, all for a very reasonable price. The guides are extremely competent but also incredibly good fun.
Andrew - August 2011

Landmanalaugar - Pórsmörk 5 days Hike. It was one of the best experiences of my life! The guide (Kristján) was fantastic, he was very helpful to all of us, and knew so much about the places we were visiting; we were really lucky with the weather, the organisation was absolutely brilliant, the food was excellent... I would book again an activity with Arctic with no doubts if I go back to Iceland! Thank you so much!

Beatriz - August 2011


I booked the Black & Blue (Snorkeling & Caving) tour through TourIs, but the actual tour was performed by Arctic Adventures.

We all expected the caving first and then the snorkeling, but it was the other way round. That was even better since when we got into the cave it was raining.

For the snorkeling we got dry suits which worked very well. No need to wear swimming suits underneath. Actually I left my socks on and I was glad I did it because I always get cold on my feet and here I could really feel it. I was also cold around my lips, but that is because that's the only part of your body in contact with the water. Visibility was perfect.

For the caving we got a helmet and a head lamp. You might want to take gloves because you'll need to use your hands to get a grip. If you're afraid of darkness, then you will not enjoy the time spent sitting inside with lamps off!!

The lunch was included and consisted of a sandwich, a big chocolate cookie and juice.

I really enjoyed this tour and would recommend it.

Fufaita - September 2011


My friend and I did 3 day tours:
-Glacier Hiking up Solheimajokull. Climb up the glacier with crampons and also get to do a bit of ice climbing with ice picks once you're up there. We got to taste glacier ice and fill up our water bottles with glacier water. Breathtaking scenery. You can actually see the coastline from the top of the glacier.
-Black and Blue, (caving and cold water snorkeling). The caving was a bit scary and the snorkeling was deliciously cold but absolutely beautiful. I've been snorkeling and scuba diving in the bahamas and in central america and i've never seen clear water like this before. Apparantly the water is filtered through lava fields before it reaches the Silfras Fissure where you snorkel (right at the continental divide!) and you can literally see 100m below you. If you're scared of heights you might not want to do this. The water is also pretty cold, when i went it was 4-6 degrees celsius. But you're given dry suits and other than your lips, it keeps you pretty warm.
-white water canoeing, the canoes are like these little inflatable rafts that sit 2 people and look like they could flip if you breathed in too deeply. Luckily, they were much sturdier than they looked, but every single rapid is severely magnified in this little canoe and you will be in constant fear of flipping over but you will have a ton of fun. The water is cold, not as bad as the snorkeling, and you're given a wet suit. You also do a stop where you can cliff jump--I did it even though I have an aversion to heights and getting cold, but that experience definetely made my list of top 10 happiest moments of my life.

Each was a completely different adventure and amazing experience! The packed lunches are pretty good and the pick up option always helps if you don't have a rental car. Arctic adventures is definetly the company to book through if you've never been to Iceland before. Even native Icelanders book through them (we met some Icelanders on the canoeing trip). It was a bit expensive, but you will not get these experiences anywhere else for a better price or a lower stress situation.

SLmimi - August 2011


We are home now and still in awe over our South Shore Jeep Tour by Gummie Glacier! We travel alot and this was one of the top five things we did next to the Eiffel Tower and Rome. The tour guide made the difference. He knew all about Iceland, answered questions, provided lots of good information, gave us plenty of time at our tour spots and provided an unforgettable tour of the South Shore of Iceland. I would recommend anyone to book the Super Jeep South Shore tour - fabulous with black sand beaches, caves and walking behind the waterfall. Skip Reykjavik Excursions - they don't stop long enough. One tour we booked with them they stopped again at the waterfall you walk behind - we were there with our Arctic tour guide - they only allowed 10 minutes! No one walked behind it the entire point of going there. Thanks to Gummie for the best memories

Aspire - July 2011

Thank you very much Solveig.  I checked the videos out - they're awesome.
I've been lucky enough to join your group on a few trips.  Last week with
some gals in Ryk for a hockey tournament: Blue Ice, Black & Blue and 2yrs
ago, also went Golden Circle, white-water rafting and horse riding.  All
great fun and a beautiful country.  Thanks and have a great winter season.
The highlight of our trip to Iceland, however, was the Black and Blue Tour. Every bit of the tour exceeded our very high expectations. Likewise, I have not come across a more enthusiastic, personable, interesting guide than Gulli who was stuck with just the two of us for an entire day, but managed to make it fun. He definitely made the experience what it was, and we are both very thankful to him for letting us take the time to explore all corners of the cave and waters, and for all the information and stories he shared.

I very much look forward to making future bookings for my next trip to Iceland.

My sincere thanks,

Hej Valdi,

Hope you remember our tour up to Þórsmörk. Það var mjög gaman með þér!! Þú ert besta leiðtogar á Íslandi!

Bestu kveðja og sjáumst, Adrian fra Zürich
Hi Tinna,

Hope it is never too late to say thank you..

I joined the Landmanalauger-Thorsmork trek on July 18.
It was a first time trek for me. I enjoyed it very much.
Everything was so well organized. The guides Alli and Jon were attentive, relaxed and knowledgeable. The logistics team:Thrauen (sorry for spelling) and Martins were great too.

thank you for unforgettable experiance




I just want to thank Arctic Adventures for making our day perfect in Iceland.


I would especially thanks our rafting guide(the president) for delivering excellent customer service.


I will in the future recommend Arctic Adventures to my business college’s and friends.



I have just realised I haven’t sent you an email to say a BIG thank you for all that you done and helped with making our trip to Iceland such a memorable experience.  The tours were brilliant and everyone really enjoyed themselves.  Five weeks after we returned everyone is still talking about it!!

I don’t think I will ever forget all that we done and the unique country and friendly people in Iceland.  I hope to return one day and try and see the northern lights.

I can’t thank you enough for all that you did for us.  When I get chance I will make sure I give you a really good review on Trip Advisor

Thanks once again.


We are regular paddlers on lakes in Nevada and the Sierras, and we wanted to experience paddling in iceland. Our guides, Pall and Johann were welcoming, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and experienced. My husband and I are active environmentalists so we were interested in those issues. They were knowledgeable about that and talked about the history of the fjord, the culture and the wildlife. We'll be back!

Christine Visited September 2011
Robert guided my daughter Susan and I up Snæfellsjökull on Tuesday.  Despite the thick fog, wind and rain, we had an uneventful and enjoyable trip to the top.  

Robert was also good enough to cause the clouds to part for a total of 3 minutes while we were near the summit so we could  catch a brief but glorious view of the peninsula.

The Blue Ice Glacier Hike was amazing! Mio and Gummi were fantastic guides. I miss you, beautiful Iceland, and I shall be back. Greetings from hot and smoggy Atlanta, GA, United States
Awesome snorkeling!!! Even with all the personal face-palms along the way Thanks for that help and awesome experience!!!!

Thanks a million,

Today was great, but did the whole walk with the Glacier Explorers so delighted that you suggested the Blue Ice tour for tomorrow.

Thank you both for all your help and to the folks at Arctic Rafting and Glacier Guides, it's been great and you've really added some great memories to my trip.

I'll recommend you guys in the future.

All the best and thanks again for putting up with all my questions!
I want Arctic Adventures to know about the tour guide that I had for the Thorsmork excursion. I had a guide named Robbie. He was an outstanding guide. He was very knowledgeable about not just Thorsmork, but Iceland as well. He was very helpful with giving us advice about which places to eat and shop. Many times, we would fall behind on the trail because some of us were taking photos or needed to rest, but Robbie was always patient with us. Guides like Robbie made my trip to Iceland very enjoyable. Arctic Adventures does a great job picking talented people. If any of my friends and family visit Iceland, I will definitely be recommending them Arctic Adventures.
Nathan Punwani

It's been a while since we were in Iceland. But I thought I would send over some photos. While we would like to thank Ingo 'Olsen for a pleasant trip. The last time wewere out on the excursion was to the Czech Republic on the MC.
Kind Regards John & Irene from Sweden

Dear Arctic Adventures,
My wife and I had the pleasure of booking your Golden Grand Slam on August 8th, and it was truly an awesome experience made even more special by our guide, Ingo.
He was a total professional; really cool, laid-back, and very knowledgeable.  We felt like we were being shown the beautiful landscape of Iceland by a friend rather than a tour guide.
We were especially impressed by his knowledge of Icelandic history, geology, and culture. 
Thanks to Ingo and Arctic Adventures for an unforgettable experience.
Take care.
Jim and Beth

Thank you Arctic and Kristján for the most fantastic week I've ever had. It was really special and everything went perfectly well!
Love, Bea
It was fantastic! Thank you.
Good morning,

A few weeks ago, my wife and I went on the Hekla hike with Mio.  I've
attached a few pictures from our climb.  Unfortunately, we weren't
able to make it to the top due to the weather but we still managed a
very nice hike.  Please pass these onto Mio.


Just wanted to pass along the positive reviews from both trips, I enjoyed them both very much.  Everything went well, and you´re guides were superb.
Thanks again,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for allowing a trip to Snæfellsjökull today. We both had an incredible time and will tell everyone we know about Arctic Adventures. Also, Gumi (Gummy) and Amy were fantastic guides!

Thanks again - it was really great of you to take us up there. An experience that we won't soon forget!


Við fengum virkilega góða þjónustu í sambandi við þetta allt saman og þetta var bara allt til fyrirmyndar. Vorum sérstaklega ánægð með grillið eftirá, það var mjög vel útilátið og girnilegt:)
Við munum pottþétt koma aftur og mæla með ykkur, þetta var fáránlega gaman.
Takk kærlega fyrir okkur:)


Dear Freyja and Ásdís

Thank you again for the impeccable arrangements you made for our recent tour to Iceland and in particular to the beautiful, unforgettable Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. We think this was probably the best trip we have made together, and we have been on some very good ones in recent years. The combination of scenery, wildlife, people, food [well, the non-camping bits], extremes of weather, the walking, the privileged experience of seeing maybe 20 people over 5 days, the 24 hours of daylight, the welcome, the guiding, the arrangements, the accommodation and experiences we had in Isafjordur - all glued together to make a wonderful whole.

Thanks too for your patience over the last nine months or so, answering my questions kindly and promptly, and helping us to build an excellent itinerary. I would like to think it will be not too long before I/we visit Iceland again; I know, of course, that there are many more possibilities for hiking and exploring, but I have the feeling that Hornstrandir will be a hard act to follow!

Very best wishes


dear Arctic Adventures Management,
i wanted to drop a quick note to you about some of my recent experiences with your trips and staff.  keep in mind, i generally don't say nice things about people.

we went on the thorsmork hike with Valdi last week.  the guy is AWESOME in so many ways and i hope you recognize him for all that he is worth.  briefly, he was knowledgeable, intelligent, inspiring,
comforting, understanding, kind, a hiking and safety specialist and just a great person to be around.  i really appreciated him and hope he knows that.

we also went hiking in skaftafell.  Lena was such a fun, supportive guide.  she was simply fantastic. and there was a girl who recently returned from Shanghai.  I'm sorry i dont remember her name.  why can't people in america all be nice like these staff members?!!

we also went rafting on the Astari last week.  there was a swedish river guide who i dont remember his name.  but he was just great as well.  kind, supportive, nice to talk to, very good and directing.
as i was booking the trip, Sigga was my main contact.  she is phenomenal, detail oriented, made me feel welcomed.  basically, i wouldn't have book everything though your company if it wasn't for her.

Sara at backpackers.  im not sure if she or Sigga put my road book together but the level of detail made our trip so rich and wonderful. and finally, everyone who helped me in the reyk office.  im sorry i
dont know their names (i do remember Dagný and , but they helped me with first rate service.

thank you, THANK YOU, to you all for everything.  I'm back home now,
but miss Iceland dearly.


Thanks so much for a great introduction to your beautiful country!  Alli took outstanding care of us during the 2-day Thorsmork Action Tour.  He was incredibly knowledgable and we had some great conversations.  He kept us well-fed (great lamb dinner) and made sure we were always comfortable, despite the heater in the cabin malfunctioning. The scenery was breathtaking, from the cave hike to the Northern Lights, and everything in between.  I will certainly recommend your company to anyone who wants an adventure-filled time in Iceland!
Mindy and Veronica

Hi Kevin,

... The excursions were well organised and very enjoyable. We did choose to miss the visit to the Blue Lagoon and took a trip instead over the recently erupted volcano.  The manager of Hotel Ranga tried to help us organise a helicopter flight for that day but it could not be arranged.  As an alternative he told us of a local character with a fixed wing plane.  When we agreed to go he made the arrangements for us.  I would say the plane was lacking in comfort but our pilot was “mad enough” to fly us on a roller coaster ride right down the lava flow tipping the plane left and right throughout the descent and then back up again.  The flight over and inside the rim of the still steaming volcano with its powerful smell of sulphur was brilliant. Our flight included going over the nearby glacier and lasted for about two-and-a-half hours.  Ann still describes it as the scariest thing she has ever done!  I could write pages on The Golden Circle Tour but I doubt I could do justice to the brilliance of the experience and the enthusiasm and pride of the people involved in taking us.  Hotel Centrum in Reykjavik was different in style to Hotel Ranga but none the less impressive and comfortable.
We thoroughly enjoyed the short break you arranged and our home made DVD will continue to enthral for years to come.  

Best regards,

Colin and Ann Stockton

Hi Torfi,

… The glacier hike was a great experience. Today's was even better. Despite the slight mishap with the trailer flipping over, the trip went very well and Palli was as professional as could be throughout the entire tour; courteous and informative. We had a great time!



Gott Tag Tinna!

I hope you are well! Just wanted to say a big TAKK for all your help in Iceland. We had a such a great time on the dive (thanks to Pali as well!). The day trip to the Golden Circle was amazing too (with the added bonus of hot chocolate and ghost stories!) and you were a fun and knowledgeable guide! We will definitely recommend you to friends visiting Iceland.

Take care, and thank you again!


Just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic drive during our visit to incredible Iceland. This was much thanx to Gulli who turned out to be the perfect guide! He answered our intellegent (and not so intellegent) questions with both knowledge and humour, and was very service minded to the end, even though it interferred with his passion for the Eurovision final And best of all - he managed to balance four lads' need for action with saftey at all times.
Thank you so very much. Hope to see you again some time.

Tor Erik

Hi Hi

I can't remember the name of the man who took us diving but he was probably the highlight of the trip. A fantastic instructor who had his eye on all of us all the time, very friendly and open. And funny, too. The ice-climbing guy (Gudman?) was fantastic, too. Highly professional and made us all feel like champion climbers while keeping us all safe. Very friendly and open. Pretty much everything was perfect and everyone was very punctual, too.


Last Thursday my boyfriend and I went on the Over & Under trip with Ingo and I wanted to let you know that we had an absolutely amazing time. Seeing the lava fields in Iceland was unreal, and crawling through the lava tube was such a unique experience. We are already planning our next trip to Iceland.

You should know that Ingo was a fantastic guide. He was very friendly and knew so much about the land, including some unforgettable stories and fables. He even brought us hot chocolate! After our trip he drove us around Rekjavik for a few minutes to show us his favorite restaurants. We went to some of his recommendations and they were wonderful. He went above and beyond and we were so grateful to him. Please tell him thank you from both of us!

Ann Gilpin
Boston, MA USA

Hi Arctic Adventures,

We just wanted to thank you for making our trip to Iceland so amazing. We went on 3 of your day tours (Blue Ice, Black and Blue, and the Grand Slam with rafting).

We really got to see every unique aspect we could have asked for. Being able to stand on one of the world's glaciers was picturesque. I think I took over 100 pictures of all the unique features. The snorkling in the fissures was truely a unique experience, especially putting on all that gear! Thanks to Alli for being so patient. The grand slam tour was perfect. We were able to see all the major sites and still have time for rafting!! John and Liisa were spectacular tour guides that day.

The guide's were knowledgeable (especially Alli) and enthusiastic. We will definitely recommend your company to any of our friends headed your way.

Alison Neubauer
Lauren Edgerton

Greetings once again!
I just wanted to send a quick email thanking you folks for the fantastic service we received from your company. Thanks to Elisa for her help (and autograph on the brochure) when setting up our day tours.
Special thanks to Carlos for the warm welcome we received in Drumbo as we prepared for our River Fun Rafting Adventure and to the whole crew who made the boat-kite-runaway trailer an experience to remember.
I'd also like to especially thank Ingo and Palli for their patience with me and my siblings during our snorkeling tour on 5 September. Ingo was especially helpful with added suggestions for some sightseeing destinations on our way to Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon in the following days.
Once again, kudos to everyone who helped us experience Iceland to our fullest potential. I honestly believe I will return to Iceland in the future and cannot wait for my next adventure with you!

Hello Magga,
I truly enjoyed Iceland and the adventure packages of Arctic Adventures.Have already recommended you guys to many of my friends.We may come back to Iceland for the Northern Lights end of this year.Last but not the least we loved your customer service with smile.
Jay Thattai

Hi Arctic Adventures
This summer (July 2010) I spent a fantastic 5 days with arctic adventures as part of a family holiday to Iceland. Your guides were amazing - really knowledgeable and helpful and locations really were awesome!

Hi Elisa, Joanna, Freya,
I had a wonderful time in Iceland again some 14 days ago.
The volcano jeep tour was amazing, our guide was fantastic, and knew perfectly well where to bring us.
Some results you can see in this album, the volcano pics were taken on the 4th of May :
Thanks also for arranging the caving and snorkeling, quite a different experience.
Have fun over there,

Hello Joana and Elísa,
Two weeks ago we had a wonderfull snowscootertrip, thanks to your help and organisation. I was in your office on Mondayafternoon, May 3rd, to say thanks to both of you, but you weren't there. So hereby I say thanks for everything. My friends were just as enthused as I am. Thanks again.
Kind regards,


Just a quick email to say thank you so much for your help in organising the trip to Iceland. It was, not to put to fine a point on it, SPECTACULAR. Everything that could have happened did – a mountain rescue, an amazing hotel, a meal of whale meat and puffin at Lækjarbrekka, cocktail fun at Orange and a light poaching at the Blue Lagoon. And to round it all off: an Icelandic psychic on the plane home who gave everyone “dream pebbles”. Seriously. The whole thing still feels faintly surreal and dream-like, to be honest.

But the best bit? The dive. Was just utterly, utterly incredible. Not that you can tell from these pics, but this is me but this is me at Þingvellir - 40m down in glacial water with 100m visibility:

It was one of the highlights of my life. Seriously. Genuinely awe-inspiringly beautiful. Hedinn was a superb dive master, and gave me all the help and encouragement I needed. And with the our great jeep story as well (thanks to our guide Ragi – a really great guy), I think it’s going to make a great piece.

So thank you so much for your help organising it – everything worked like clockwork, and we both had an amazing time. I’ll be in touch nearer the time when we start laying out the feature, but until then, thanks again..

Chris from the UK

Hey Torfi.

We had a very very good trip Saturday - despite the weather!! I have been on many different trips during my eight years with Icelandair and htis was definitely one of the best (and I have been to Sólheimajökul before) The journalists looked like kids in a candy store and they actully thought that the not-so-good weather only added to the experience. 

My new friend Raggi is so cool, super competent and super sympathetic, I am so impressed of him - an he is so young! The best part though (for me at least ;o)  was that I drove one of the cars, THAT was fun - especially when Raggi convinced me that I could.


Hi there,
I wanted to say a big thanks for such a good trip.
This week we did 'Blue Ice' glacier trip on Monday and the 'Black and Blue' snorkel/cave trip on Tuesday.
The guides were excellent. Super friendly Raggi was really informative about the geology of the glacier and the beautiful Tiina was very helpful and went the extra mile to ensure everyone enjoyed themselves...!
Please pass on my thanks to all and I shall definately book more trips next time I get the chance to go back to Iceland!
All the best

Raggi lead my 3 friends and I on the Blue Ice tour a few days ago. He was so wonderful. I have some great photos to send him...can you please ask him to email me and I will forward him the pictures???

thank you!

jennifer from NY!

Hi Tinna,

The jeep trip was great!  Raggi is a wonderful guide.  If you talk to him, let him know that we somehow have his fleece jacket and are going to drop it off at the shop today when we go to pay for the other trip.

I hope you ar edoing well,


Hi Torfi,
Just a little email to tell you that we had a great time with Raggi and Gummi.
Great weather helping, the entire group really enjoyed the tour (including me of course), despite the fact that we were a little bit in a hurry.
I will definitely recommend it !

Me and my colleagues want to send you a big thanks! Our trip to Iceland exceeded all our expectations and we are very satisfied with our stay!
Our guide “Gummi” did a fantastic job and send my regards to him as well.
Thanks for everything.
Best regards,

Hi Gummie,
Thank you for your fantastic guidance of Iceland tha last two days. We are all so inspired by what we have seen and experienced, and we all want, like and need to come back again.
We have been to south africa, miami and Stowe in vermonth before  for kick off meetings  before, but nothing can ever compare to what we have been through these two days, so a big than you for your patiente with us an thank you for excelente guidance. You made these days unforgettable!

We will be back, an I, personally just fell in love with Iceland.

All the best//Staffan

Hi Liisa,

Míó was the best tour guide ever!
It was a fun trip, and I felt very safe with him walking around this
adventurous field of the glacier.  I even learned about the history and
background aboud the iceland nature from him.

I definitely recommend this trip to my friend.  (I was recommended about
this trip by my roommate actually)

Thank you very much for the fun trip!
Have a wonderful week.


Just wanted to let you know that we are back home in New York – still thinking about the fabulous time we had in Iceland.
We had a great time on your Black & Blue trip. And having Alli as our guide made it really special.  He was a terrific guide: very helpful, interesting, and just a great guy!


Dear Arctic Adventures
I’d like to thank you for making my recent trip to Iceland such a wonderful experience.  I took a variety of winter activities with you and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

Meo and Lisa were perfect guides for the Glacier climbing trip.  They had an ideal balance between making the trip fun and exciting, yet also safe.  I learnt a lot on the trip, with Meo teaching me just enough at each stage,  without me feeling overloaded with information.  They both made me feel extremely comfortable asking questions, and I felt in extremely safe hands.

Laurent was a wonderful friendly guide for the snorkelling trip, again instilling confidence, while maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere.  I would really like to thank him for going the extra mile to make the Northern lights hunt happen.  Despite the unpredictable weather and snowfall, he ensured that we didn’t miss out on a thing.

The knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm of your guides made my holiday a terrific experience which I will remember for a very long time.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you.
Thank you

Hi there

We returned from our Iceland trip just yesterday, we all had a great time, thanks! Also, say a special thanks to Simbi our tour guide, he was brilliant throughout all our trips. Good guy! :)


Blue Ice Climb Sólheimajökull
Hi Laurent,
Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic day on the 3rd of March. I have finally got round to sorting out the photos and some videos. Please find enclosed some photos of our day on the glacier.

Good to see you last week, the trip was fantastic and the team were very happy with the entire Iceland expedition!!

We will send a proper thank you note shortly, as Yr and Gummi were both outstanding guides and gave us the perfect experience of the fabulous country of Iceland.

Many thanks


Tim and I wanted to thank you for dropping off the volcanic rock, you remembered. Again thank you for a great trip you are an outstanding guide made everything very interesting and your  even a pretty good cook.....

Len Reinhart


Hey Tinna.

Just want to let you know that this trip was my best press trip - ever!! I have had a few during my nine years with Icelandair but nothing beats this. Our Friday with Anton with simply outstanding: rafting, the weather, Hotel Anna and of course our vulcano - wauw..

You my friends with Arctic Adventures are so professionel and great to work with :o)

All the best and see you next time